Augustine Institute Emissaries

Emissary Benefits

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Free Bible App

Smartphone users, download our FREE Bible App. Get the entire Bible on your phone or tablet for FREE! You can also play Lighthouse talks on MP3 via this app.

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Free Personal Subscription to FORMED

  As an Emissary, we give you a free personal subscription to

Free Webinars Featuring Top Catholic Speakers

Our webinars give you fellowship with our worldwide network of on-fire Catholics. Past webinars have included: Fr. Michael Gaitley, Dr. Tim Gray, Matthew Leonard, Dr. Mary Healy, Dr. Edward Sri, Fr. Joseph Fessio, Vinny Flynn, and Dr. Brant Pitre.

Masses and Prayer Support

Every month we have a Mass offered for you and for your intentions

We pray for you and for your intentions daily

We have over 75 religious cloisters (such as the Poor Clares) praying daily for your work and for the mission of Apostolate

We enroll all Emissaries in the Spiritual Benefactor Society of the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception. Click here for more information


Free Lighthouse Talks Download of the Month Club

Your complimentary Lighthouse Talks Download of the Month Club subscription will be automatically emailed to you on the first of the next month after you sign up for the Emissary program, and it will continue monthly.

Some Emissaries also like to receive the LIghthouse talks physically with the CD of the Month Club at their own expense. Having the physcial CDs is a great way to share them with friends and family.

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If you need assistance, please contact